While many of the oil producing nations in the world offer oil rig jobs that are both on and offshore, the vast majority of those available in the UK will involve you working on an offshore rig. At time of writing, there are currently 107 oil platforms off the coast of the United Kingdom, with those rigs accounting for 98% of all the oil delivered in that country. All told, around 450,000 jobs in the UK are in some way connected to the oil and gas industry, with close to 200,000 of those being in Scotland. It makes sense that the largest percentage of jobs would be located north of the border, especially since the North Sea is where the vast majority of the extraction takes place.

Working on a remote platform is unlike any job you are likely to have ever had before. The hours you have to put in, combined with the time spent away from home make oil rig jobs a career that is definitely not for everyone. Since we have already ascertained that oil rig jobs in the UK are most likely to involve working offshore, you might want to know what life is like on the rig before opting to decide on a career in that particular industry.

The hours put in by an oil rig worker are generally long and hard, with shifts and work time based on an on/off type of scenario. For example, your shifts are likely to be 12 hours on, followed by 12 hours off. The same rules apply when it comes to the time spent on the rig. This is not a job that allows you to go home to the wife and kids every night. The scenario is usually a two weeks on, two weeks off type of thing, which means that working away from home is something that you will very much need to get used to. The financial benefits of adopting this type of schedule is what makes it so appealing to many.

Oil rigs may be stuck out in the middle of the ocean, but these massive structures are designed to be as much like a home away from home as possible. Oil companies understand just how hard oil rig employees work, which is why they try hard to deliver some creature comforts. The cabins are a lot like those that you find on a cruise ship, although it usually means bunking up with another worker. As far as entertainment goes, oil rigs may have a games room, a movie theater and a gym where workers can stay in shape between shifts. There are places to eat and drink as well, with a coffee shop and restaurant usually always part of the set up as well.

There is no denying that getting used to life offshore can be a challenge, but the benefit is a career in an industry that is booming and which can be financially rewarding.

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