One of the most scenic drives in the world is undeniably along the Pacific Coast Highway in California. What may come as a surprise, though, is the number of oil rigs and tankers that are clearly visible out on the ocean. It’s easy to think of the oil industry in the US being confined to the state of Texas, but those looking for an oil rig job should also think about heading west to California. There are both offshore and jobs on dry land available for those that would like to enter into the lucrative careers that can be had by drilling for black gold.

The job you decide upon in California may very well hinge on where you believe the industry is headed in that particular state. Offshore oil production is somewhat down, but there is a very strong belief that the massive amounts of shale oil in the ground could very well make California set to become a boom state the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the gold rush. Much of that depends on the discussion taking place about the environmental effects of fracking, which is how that shale oil is discovered, but you have to believe that the need for oil will make that boom happen.

In previous posts we have discussed the variety of jobs available in the oil rig industry, so rather than just rehashing that same information over and over, let’s take a look at a specific oil rig job in California.
As previously mentioned, there are plenty of positions available to those that are coming into the oil industry with no experience, but the job we are going to take a look at is one that does require some level of experience in the oil industry.

The job in question is that of a rig operator, with compensation set at the $80,000 per year, which of course is without overtime being added in. It’s worth noting that the base salaries earned by oil rig employees can generally be added to by the amount of hours that you are asked to work in any given day. Another fact that we have mentioned repeatedly is that long hours and hard work are very much at the backbone of every job available in the field. With that said, the rig operator position comes with some definite “managerial” duties, as well as the hard labor.

Those duties usually include making sure that all of the workers are on time and performing their jobs as expected. You will also be expected to make sure that safety procedures are being followed, which often means keeping an eye on the equipment being used to ensure that it is working at maximum efficiency. There may also be a few clerical duties tossed in that might offer a little respite from the back-breaking word that takes place in the field. As already mentioned, this I just one of the many oil rig jobs that are out there waiting for you.

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One thing that you need to consider when considering where to work is the cost of living and the tax rates. In California, that is definitely a consideration when considering work there..

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